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Chosen Family

In October 2019, I did something audacious: I signed up to table at a book fair when I had no book to sell. What I did have was a rough draft of a fanfiction comic that I was slowly re-drawing, to eventually color and print and give to my family. Bolstered by the inspiration and validation of meeting artists who worked on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, I promised to finish this project in under three months and have it ready for the book fair.

Now I know how ignorantly overambitious that is; every step of the process brought unexpected difficulties. When I had only a few days left before I flew to California for the holidays, I started panicking about how much work I still had left to do. So while in California, I roped my mom into helping me finish digital editing, and I printed just enough copies for my family at Staples on Christmas Eve. Back home, in the one day I had left before the book fair, I had more issues printing, but the darn things were finally done!

It was all worth it, and the book fair was wonderful. My anxieties were eased by the presence of my friends who ran the event, and I loved getting to meet my fellow writers. It was a little intimidating, presenting a lowly self-drawn, self-printed, fanfiction comic among all their glossy Real Books™, but before we even opened, a fellow writer asked for a copy. I gave away seven more by then end of the night and signed my very first autograph for a friend.

Now, my goals are to 1. get this out to a wider audience, 2. connect with folks in my local comic scene, 3. find a comic artist who’d be super excited to work with me on this, and 4. submit to Archaia, who publish all the comics and novelizations of Henson stuff. (Secret step 5. get famous and hired to help write the Fraggle Rock movie we keep getting promised.)

Below are some sample pages. If you like what you see, message me and I’ll send you your very own copy (please specify printed or PDF)! Because it’s unlicensed fanfiction of copyrighted characters, it’s free! Donations are always gratefully accepted but never expected. (Oh, and if you’re one of the folks who got a first printing where pages 43 and 44 are identical—whoops!—message me to get the correct page 44.)

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