Spring ILC, Week 4: I have a really good excuse this week, I swear.

Most of my “free” time this week was used to update my resume and write a cover letter for a promotion at work. I had my interview on Friday and should hear back before the end of this week. Wish me luck!

I did churn through 80-something pages in Writing Irresistible Kidlit and several more articles for my paper. Favorite article of the week: For Discussion: Racism in Fantasy & Its Effects on People of Color by Aarti.

It’s easy to berate myself for not writing more new pages than I feel like I should, but then I remind myself that going through the story and tweaking little parts here and there still counts as work. I’m on page 73 of this first round of revision. There’s a lot more to go, and the second half of the story needs way more work than the first, but I’m letting myself take pride in what I’ve done so far.

Onward. Excelsior!

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