Spring ILC, Week 6: Is it vacation yet?

Let’s see, how many of my goals did I accomplish this week?

Finish revising the opening scenes and send the revised draft to my contract sponsor: Check!
Write new meeting-Ampersand and meeting-Sinistra scenes: Half-check
Expand outline to include all possible quotes I might want to use: Nnnope
Homework for class: Check!
Make eye doctor appointment: Check!
Use my lunch breaks at work as actual breaks (instead of using them to get more work done), getting out in the sunshine and taking off my shoes and socks to feel the grass on my bare feet: I did that once! Well, one day out of three isn’t terrible.

I tried setting my alarm for 7:30 Monday through Thursday with the goal of writing two pages first thing each day. It worked … once. Today I just turned the alarm off and said “I’ll do it later.” And here it is later and I’ve gotten plenty done (laundry, trip to the grocery store, preliminary packing for next week’s vacation) but no writing. But I did get a lot of reading done this week and sometimes I forget to give myself credit for that. I finished Writing Irresistible Kidlit and started Self-Editing for Fiction Writers for a total of 125 pages. And when I met with Cecilanne this week we actually got a lot of good work done. Yay productivity!

Favorite article of the week: Set Truth on Stun: Reimagining an Anti-Oppressive SF/F by Daniel José Older, an interview with Léonicka Valcius, Carrie Cuinn, Justine Larbalestier, Kay T. Holt, and Andrea Hairston.

I’m leaving for Kauai this Friday with my boyfriend and his family and will return on the 23rd. A 6-hour flight sounds like a great opportunity to get a lot of homework done, until you take into account the fact that we’ll be dragging our butts out of bed at 4:30 AM. I may get some homework done on the flight but sleeping will be priority #1. At least the flight back is at a much more reasonable hour, so that’s a good chance to get some work done. And we’ve only got activities scheduled for every other day while we’re there, so we can spend the other days doing whatever we want. But who wants to do homework while on vacation in paradise? I anticipate being a party-pooper.

Or, I can spend these next four days cramming in as much extra work as possible to make up for it. Which, today, would involve skipping a talk being given at school by one of my favorite teachers ever. Urrrrgh.

OK. Goals for the week, no matter how overachieving they may sound:
-Finish goals from last week, including compiling quotes for my paper
-Write rough draft of said paper (Why did I make that due this week in my self-made schedule?? Oh, right, ’cause it’s Week 7.)
-Write at least two new pages every day, including today
-Homework for class
-Finish packing
-Keep breathing

I forgot to mention, I got the job! I get to stay at the Writing Center for another year or two as Assistant to the Director and learn how a writing center is run. I am so freakin’ happy, y’all.

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