Going Forward

At the PNWA conference this summer, I attended a presentation called “What to Expect When You’re Publishing.” I asked the presenter a question that’s been gnawing at me for years… How do you know? We’re told that you should only start querying agents when your novel is as good as it can possibly get. But we’reContinue reading “Going Forward”

Making Something: “Solidarity in Fiction”

Yesterday, I was halfway through facilitating the second and final day of our annual staff retreat when the new Inkwells arrived. I forgot how exhausted and stressed out I was; instead, I shrieked and pranced. Finally. Inkwell is the annual publication written and edited by the staff of the Writing Center where I work. This is myContinue reading “Making Something: “Solidarity in Fiction””

Spring ILC, Weeks 7-9: Being OK with it

Week 7 I started mildly freaking out about how much work I had to do and how impossible it seemed to get it all done by the end of the quarter. I said as much to my faculty sponsor who replied, “Yeah, that’s ’cause you’re trying to do 24 credits’ worth of stuff.” For onlyContinue reading “Spring ILC, Weeks 7-9: Being OK with it”

Spring ILC, Week 6: Is it vacation yet?

Let’s see, how many of my goals did I accomplish this week?–Finish revising the opening scenes and send the revised draft to my contract sponsor: Check!–Write new meeting-Ampersand and meeting-Sinistra scenes: Half-check–Expand outline to include all possible quotes I might want to use: Nnnope–Homework for class: Check!–Make eye doctor appointment: Check!–Use my lunch breaks at work as actual breaksContinue reading “Spring ILC, Week 6: Is it vacation yet?”

Spring ILC, Week 1: What the heck is an ILC?

This quarter I’m doing an Independent Learning Project (ILC), Evergreen-speak for doing whatever you want (with faculty support) and getting credit for it. I’d been planning for a while to do an ILC this summer (my last quarter here) to learn about the world of publishing, make professional networking connections, and try to get oneContinue reading “Spring ILC, Week 1: What the heck is an ILC?”

The Virgin’s Coffin: Snow White, the Brothers Grimm, and Appropriation

Guess what, y’all. That paper I was working on so hard for class turned out awesome. The Virgin’s Coffin: Snow White, the Brothers Grimm, and Appropriation In the tradition of early Christian martyrdom, “virginity could be the equal of any martyr’s death, signalling one of the most persistent themes in female spirituality” (Rubin, 156). AllContinue reading “The Virgin’s Coffin: Snow White, the Brothers Grimm, and Appropriation”