What it feels like to be writing again

Escaping the August heat by inching my way into the cold waters of the Quarry to float on an inner tube. Connecting with new and old friends in the water. Knowing I might get sunburned but not wanting to leave to reapply. Talking in British accents for no reason. The strawberry sencha is finally backContinue reading “What it feels like to be writing again”

Why did I start a Muppet blog?

I haven’t been “writing” in the traditional sense much lately. After getting Gaudiloquence as good as I can get it (for now), I knew it was time to once again tackle the long, difficult process of revising  one of my rough drafts. I chose Princesses in the Trees, a speculative fiction about 12-year-old Jacinda who getsContinue reading “Why did I start a Muppet blog?”

Going Forward

At the PNWA conference this summer, I attended a presentation called “What to Expect When You’re Publishing.” I asked the presenter a question that’s been gnawing at me for years… How do you know? We’re told that you should only start querying agents when your novel is as good as it can possibly get. But we’reContinue reading “Going Forward”

Summer ILC, Week 4: PNWA Conference

What an adventure! I knew that at PNWA I would learn about the industry and make some professional networking connections. What I didn’t know was how much FUN I was going to have! Anything where a bunch of people who are all geeks about the same thing get together specifically to geek out about thatContinue reading “Summer ILC, Week 4: PNWA Conference”