Going Forward

At the PNWA conference this summer, I attended a presentation called “What to Expect When You’re Publishing.” I asked the presenter a question that’s been gnawing at me for years… How do you know? We’re told that you should only start querying agents when your novel is as good as it can possibly get. But we’reContinue reading “Going Forward”

Making Something: “Solidarity in Fiction”

Yesterday, I was halfway through facilitating the second and final day of our annual staff retreat when the new Inkwells arrived. I forgot how exhausted and stressed out I was; instead, I shrieked and pranced. Finally. Inkwell is the annual publication written and edited by the staff of the Writing Center where I work. This is myContinue reading “Making Something: “Solidarity in Fiction””

Summer ILC Week, 10 and beyond: My last quarter at Evergreen

In 2010 I had lots of grownup firsts: moved out of my mom’s house, got my first full-time job, and fully supported myself. It felt good and necessary, and I’m glad I had the experience. I did data entry job for a company that sold carpets and window treatments. Not thrilling, but I’m great atContinue reading “Summer ILC Week, 10 and beyond: My last quarter at Evergreen”

Summer ILC, Week 5: Camp NaNoWriMo, Pinterest, and the Pirate Tree

This summer for Camp NaNoWriMo, I was finishing up my revision from last quarter. My word count was about 38,000 and I wanted it to end up at 50,000, so I made 12,000 my goal. With four days left and 8,122 words left to write, I…may not make it. And that’s OK. Either way, I’mContinue reading “Summer ILC, Week 5: Camp NaNoWriMo, Pinterest, and the Pirate Tree”

There is no map to the place where YA fiction and social justice meet

There’s a question that’s been percolating in my mind for a couple of years now. I first gave voice to it at a writing workshop called “Queering Writing” put on by my own dear Writing Center (this was before I worked there, but it was where I met my boss and mentor Sandy). I askedContinue reading “There is no map to the place where YA fiction and social justice meet”

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

My favorite fairy tale is “East of the Sun, West of the Moon,” a lesser-known (in America, anyway) Norse story similar to “Beauty and the Beast.” I’ve wanted to write my own version for a while now, but wasn’t sure what direction it would take. I did know that I wanted to mess with genderContinue reading “East of the Sun, West of the Moon”