Summer ILC: Weeks 8 & 9: Social media is a strange, terrifying, and magical land

I was an 80s/90s kid, so I grew up with the Internet. I remember the dial-up sounds of connecting to America On-Line back when the Internet was nothing but chatrooms and email. I laughed at the original Hamster Dance. I loved Neopets and LiveJournal, my first exposures to massive online communities.Somewhere in adulthood, my explorationContinue reading “Summer ILC: Weeks 8 & 9: Social media is a strange, terrifying, and magical land”

Summer ILC, Week 7: The Skill of Receiving Feedback

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback this week. Learning how to give feedback that is stage-appropriate, respectful, and insightful is of course a really important skill to have when you’re working with fellow writers. But we don’t often talk about learning how to receive feedback, which is also a skill that must be learned andContinue reading “Summer ILC, Week 7: The Skill of Receiving Feedback”

Summer ILC, Week 6: Read All the Things!

I checked out a dozen Middle Grade books from the library this past week, and it felt utterly delicious. I can’t believe this qualifies and business research. And I’m right in the middle of Storm of Swords as well, so switching over from that was quite a shock. “I can read an entire book inContinue reading “Summer ILC, Week 6: Read All the Things!”

Summer ILC, Week 5: Camp NaNoWriMo, Pinterest, and the Pirate Tree

This summer for Camp NaNoWriMo, I was finishing up my revision from last quarter. My word count was about 38,000 and I wanted it to end up at 50,000, so I made 12,000 my goal. With four days left and 8,122 words left to write, I…may not make it. And that’s OK. Either way, I’mContinue reading “Summer ILC, Week 5: Camp NaNoWriMo, Pinterest, and the Pirate Tree”

Summer ILC, Week 4: PNWA Conference

What an adventure! I knew that at PNWA I would learn about the industry and make some professional networking connections. What I didn’t know was how much FUN I was going to have! Anything where a bunch of people who are all geeks about the same thing get together specifically to geek out about thatContinue reading “Summer ILC, Week 4: PNWA Conference”

Summer ILC, Weeks 2 & 3: PNWA prep

These past two weeks I’ve been preparing for, as my friend and fellow novelist Heather over at Things I’ve Killed calls it, “the electric hurricane vortex that is PNWA.”Things I accomplished:– Met up with Heather on Tuesday and got a lot of my questions answered. She assured me that even though it’s stressful, all the prepContinue reading “Summer ILC, Weeks 2 & 3: PNWA prep”

Summer ILC, Week 1: What’s an ILC again? So many questions!

Two weeks ago I walked at graduation, but I have one more quarter left to go at Evergreen before I officially receive my BA! This last project is an 8-credit Individual Learning Contract (Evergreen-speak for doing whatever you want (with faculty support) and getting credit for it.) called A Novel Publication: Learning to Navigate the World of Professional Writing.Continue reading “Summer ILC, Week 1: What’s an ILC again? So many questions!”

Spring ILC, Weeks 7-9: Being OK with it

Week 7 I started mildly freaking out about how much work I had to do and how impossible it seemed to get it all done by the end of the quarter. I said as much to my faculty sponsor who replied, “Yeah, that’s ’cause you’re trying to do 24 credits’ worth of stuff.” For onlyContinue reading “Spring ILC, Weeks 7-9: Being OK with it”

Spring ILC, Week 6: Is it vacation yet?

Let’s see, how many of my goals did I accomplish this week?–Finish revising the opening scenes and send the revised draft to my contract sponsor: Check!–Write new meeting-Ampersand and meeting-Sinistra scenes: Half-check–Expand outline to include all possible quotes I might want to use: Nnnope–Homework for class: Check!–Make eye doctor appointment: Check!–Use my lunch breaks at work as actual breaksContinue reading “Spring ILC, Week 6: Is it vacation yet?”